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address:Room 1210-1211, Block A, Vanke Building, No. 2 Jinlong Road, Wuxiang Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi

telephone:15977775866 / 13878889522


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Why choose us

Guangxi TASOM Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TASOM Software) was established in 2011, focusing on providing various website construction, system software and hardware development, micro mall development and original ecological APP development for governments, enterprises and institutions. It is the most competitive Internet comprehensive service provider in Guangxi. The company is based in the field of information technology services, based on the market, and backed by strong technical strength, accelerating the promotion of the network, informatization, and globalization. The TASOM software development team consists of multiple domestic first-tier interconnected companies with more than 5 years of work experience And composed of senior director-level artists, the exquisite interface design and powerful program development ability are perfectly combined, which will bring you a visual shock and also meet your personalized program customization requirements, and customize your exclusive network image.

TASOM Software not only has established good strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Google, IBM, Alipay, Lenovo, China Mobile, Baidu, and many other well-known companies at home and abroad, but also has its own large-scale portal website and professional network planning and network marketing. The technical team can better provide professional network marketing services for the government and enterprises. Due to the continuous development of Tangsong Software's business inside and outside Guangxi Province, in addition to the distribution of real website customers in some major provinces across the country, it has also gradually begun to obtain customers internationally, such as the United States, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other nearly ten countries and regions. Become one of the few international website construction companies in Guangxi and even the whole country. TASOM Software Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of "information creates value, service determines the future", and will go hand in hand with domestic and foreign enterprises in a pragmatic and innovative spirit, and go all out to promote the process of enterprise informatization.

Comprehensive platform capabilities

One-stop integrated service of cloud, management (APP), terminal (module, SDK), helping enterprises to quickly achieve intelligent product upgrades

With the least investment, Create maximum value for clients!

Our philosophy

TASOM Design firmly believes in the overall design methodology. The value of a brand or company is constituted by a unique means of interactive communication. With a keen insight into market trends and a deep understanding of consumers and corporate forms, TASOM has obtained a wealth of brand design inspiration. This is exactly what we expect from every customer. TASOM is committed to becoming an excellent brand planning and design. Organization, we help the brand grow and enhance the value of the brand is the corporate philosophy of Tang and Song Dynasties.

The right is the best

We have a high-quality senior team with more than 7 years of industry experience, covering professionals in various fields such as creativity, strategy, and technology. We firmly believe that every successful project is the result of good teamwork. We are determined to be the most reliable brand design manager for the company, a brand design agency that can truly make design bring profits to the company, and to solve the problems encountered in brand operation for you is the value and corporate philosophy of the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Cooperate with us

Cooperating with TASOM, you will get more mature brand building services. We put the customer first, but also challenge each other, and strive to present the best brand building results.

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